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Who is this course for?


Commercial users

Who are bored of re-keying details from their CRM tool into contracts!


Savvy lawyers

Who want to learn how to turbocharge their document drafting


IT professionals

Who want to learn how easy it is to integrate document automation into their existing tech stack

Professions 4-5-01

Trainee lawyers

Who want to showcase the future of drafting with real examples of how legal tech can save everyone time


Anyone tech curious

Or anyone that’s heard the term “API” but has thought “how do they really work?”


API academy teaser

Benefits of Avvoka’s API course – for document automation


It’s generic!

You’ll learn all the basics of working with any type of REST API


It’s on-demand

Learn at your own pace and revisit concepts at any point


Work with a real API

By the end of the course, you’ll be generating real tailored contracts on Avvoka


It’s for total beginners

No technical background needed – We’ll even guide you through setting up your API Client


It’s free!

We’re genuinely passionate about apps talking to each other. The more people that know how easy it is to integrate web apps, the better!

Concepts covered


Introduction to APIs

We introduce the types of API that exist and how they aid communication with our old friend the “waiter analogy”

The anatomy of an API call

We take a close look at what goes into the body of an API call and the types of calls that exist


API clients

We’ll get you set up on your very first API client and teach you how to build your very first API call

Response codes

We walk you through the range of responses you might receive from an API


Real-life API uses

We put your skills to the test, letting you generate documents via Avvoka’s real-world API!


Start your API document automation journey today!