Avvoka academy Get started on your automation journey


What is the Avvoka academy?

The Avvoka academy is Avvoka’s learning and development arm, designed to demystify document automation by helping everyone from first-year law students to GCs to try it out for themselves by getting hands-on with the tech


We run regular sessions that are free for anyone to attend. We’re also constantly evolving our programmes as we partner with other organisations to deliver more relevant and tailored content. If you’d like to know more about the academy or about partnering with us, contact us here

Why join the academy?

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Work more efficiently

Document automation typically increases efficiency by 80% over manual drafting. By freeing up valuable time, you can focus on the more complex and challenging aspects of legal work

Further your career

Automation is a key skill and is fast becoming an integral part of a lawyer’s toolkit. Get ahead of the trend and make yourself invaluable to your team

Keep up-to-date

Learn about current and growing trends in legal-tech, allowing you to stay ahead