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Avvoka Academy <> Ankara Legal Hackers 20th January 2020 (UTC+3)

Online - Zoom invite to follow

Avvoka and the Ankara Legal Hackers are partnering up to teach you how to automate documents, for free!

What’s the plan?

Together, we are hosting a workshop over Zoom where we will introduce participants to the concept of document automation! We’ll also give people the chance to get hands-on with document automation, by automating a contract alongside us during the workshop. The idea is that participants will learn a whole new skill from the comfort of their homes which can be taken forwards and further developed.

What is automation and how can it help me?

Document automation allows you to create documents up to 80% quicker than the traditional drafting methods. You can automate anything from a one-page furlough letter to a 300-page credit agreement! You can also upload excel files of data to mass generate 100s of documents in only a few minutes.

But I can’t code, are these sessions right for me?

That’s no problem – automation on Avvoka requires no coding at all, it is all done through a visual online tool. You can learn how to automate after only a few hours! Therefore, this session is open to anyone and it requires no prior knowledge or experience of automation- all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Register your interest

This will take place at 17.00 IST / 11.30 GMT.

Closer to the date we’ll reach out with the Zoom invite to join your chosen session and with Avvoka login credentials.